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Hand made clipping path service provider company
image background removal

Weclipimage is one class image editing and background removal service provider. Every business has a web existence and desires major quality pictures to plug and advertise their product and services to make them known among customers.

You will aim services of skilled and professional image editing companies like Weclipimage to create your images to look their best by processing pictures or images for color, background, density, size, and more.  So, the necessity of major quality pictures for their website or print images makes it necessary to put in superior image editing services, because it will play a very vital role in making their business successful.

Just if we wish to hide some area we have cut out, it may be possible by using the masking technique.

The same is true if we cut an object or section from the image-making path on them.

Weclipimage provide me perfect quality every time with fast turnaround and competitive price., Steven

We mentioned before, the simplest use of Image Background Removal is to hide and show portions of pictures.

We can give a conversion effect if we use a very soft brush or gradient for image masking.

We will not be able to include more adjacent areas easily. But if we remove the unwanted areas it is complicated for bringing those if we need those areas afterward in the process of image editing.  After the creation is half of the workmanship behind photography.

It’s the photograph taker’s chance to draw in with their photographs in a hands-on design, making improvements and changes to the RAW picture. The photograph taker’s masterful vision isn’t ended until after the completing contacts they embrace utilizing photograph altering programming.

Image Background Removal Service is the process to hide some portions of an image and revealing some portions that are done by graphics software such as Photoshop. It is a non-destructive process of image processing or editing service. Most of the time it permits to adjust and jerk the mask later if necessary. Masking is a helpful process. We can make changes later or fine-tune our masks whenever we need to.

Clipping Path
Image Background Removal
Photo Retouch
Image Masking

Image retouching is an image editing procedure that can make an image attractive, fresh, and clean by removing unwanted objects from the image.


We can modify of any photographs by adding special image shading effects or Photoshop Shadow Creation service like including a natural shadow.

Image background removal service can be a great help for your industry. This allows us to remove or change the image background to an appropriate background. Weclipimage offers to remove or switch the background of any pictures. Also, you can order to move objects and clean up the specific areas


The cutting process of this selection is done by using the handmade clipping path and masking. Where in the picture is in focus, or another object is highlighted? You can rely on our experts for high-quality professional works. Contact us today at info(.)weclipimage(.)com for an instant quotation on this type of service.



Frequently Asked Question
  • How is a free trial?
    Free trial and quote requests give you a chance to check our work quality and get quote ideas. We will never charge for them. Your provided information and sample images will be safe and secured.
  • What is your turn-around time?
    Turn-around time always depends on image complexity and quantity. We have JET turnaround time services like 1hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours service. Generally, we take 24 hours for regular work.
  • How can send you my images?
    You may send us your job via,, Also, you may send your files using our FTP.
    Just email us about your job, we will let you know the rest.
  • What type of file format do you accept?
    We accept JPEG, JPG, TIF, PSD, PNG, PDF even camera RAW file format.
  • What about pricing?
    Price always depends on image complexity. Our starting price is only $0.29 cents for simple images & we can give you a flat price rate for bulk orders.
  • How do I pay?
    We have a daily & monthly billing cycle. Once we finish a project we will let you know with an itemized invoice for making your payment.
    And, another is the monthly billing system. We will send you an itemized invoice at the end of the month for payment to our Bank account or PayPal.
We have an extremely skilled team of experts who are professionals in Photoshop graphic design. This gives us the ability to provide all kinds of photo processing services all over the globe. As a reputable image editing service Provider Company, we are working 24/7/365 meaning at any time, all year round. So, we ensure the best of services wherever and whenever. We also work on Sunday and Christmas!