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Photo clipping path
Hand made clipping path service provider company
clipping path

Photo Clipping Path can work extremely specifically which is the mathematical basis for vector graphics.

The basis for clipping path is balanced by various path tools that are presented by professional image processing programs such as Photoshop.

…Quality and Speed of Delivery OUTSTANDING!, Clarie Powel (Australia)

Weclipimage uses 100% hand-made Clipping Paths for good shape and quality, pixel perfect, and accuracy.  Use the drawing tool to illustrate a path in the desired form and insert the graphic into the path with the Insert to Selection command. As a result, even the most difficult stretches can be appliances very precisely.

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What is the Clipping path?

Clipping path is an option of Adobe Photoshop editing in which an image backdrop can be clipped & removed or changed keeping the object exactly the same. Nowadays many image editing companies provide clipping path services by many techniques. But, Weclipimage is one of the best clipping path services providers, providing 100% handmade clipping path service by Photoshop pen tool. You may also call image cut-out service with the process by Adobe Photoshop pen tool. This full work is processed by the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop. You can also get some online free background removal software even a few automatic tools to remove background but, the output result will not good as like pen tool.

Types of Clipping Path

Easy clipping path: Our team classifies this easy clipping path category image based on the complexity level. If any image will take 2-4 minutes to process, we count this type of photo in the simple category. Examples of images like boxes, lipstick, gift items, diaries, pens, balls, mugs, plates, mirrors, cups, books, rings, t-shirts, pants, bras, panties, etc.

Medium clipping path: We classify this medium clipping path category image based on the complexity level. If any image will take 10-12 minutes to process, we count this type of photo in the medium category.  Example photos like bags, shoes, chairs, tables, bras with a curve, full model images, etc.

Complex clipping path: We classify this complex clipping path category image based on the complexity level. If any image will take 30-50 minutes to process, we count this type of photo in the complex categories. This type of image has many curves on the edge and sometimes the product will be a chain with bags, a sofa set, a vase with flowers, etc complex image examples are: sofa set, chairs with table set, group photos, jewelry chain, etc.

Super complex clipping path: This category is the highest complexity level of the image. We normally count products like Bicycles, sofas with huge inside, multiple products, jewelry chains, etc. And, this kind of product needs to process 1-3 hours for each image. The example photos for the super complex are a bicycle, bike, more than one jewelry chain, a Christmas tree, a flower with a vase, etc.


We provide our clients the image output in various formats and layers.

  1. Clipping path on pure white background.
  2. Clipping path on Transparent background with PSD/TIF file format.
  3. Transparent background with PNG file format.
  4. Clipping path on the transparent layer with any color background layer.
  5. Only clipping path on the original background.

Weclipimage is one one-class image editing service provider. Every business has a web existence and desires major quality pictures to plug and advertise their product and services to make them known among customers.

You will aim services of skilled and professional image editing companies like Weclipimage to create your images to look their best by processing pictures or images for color, background, density, size, and more.

So, the necessity of major quality pictures for their website or print images makes it necessary to put in superior image editing services, because it will play a very vital role in making their business successful.


Get the Affordable Prices for Photoshop Image Editing Services


We offer you a reasonable price starting from $0.29 USD per photo for Photoshop clipping path service and other photo retouching services including ghost mannequins, drop shadowing, photo masking, etc.

Nowadays, the clipping path service is a very important service for any kind of image editing work. This can select an object 100% accurately and separate it from the background completely. When the object and background same color there is only one way to select the object by Clipping the path. No one can’t use any automatic selection tools or plugins to select an object/image from the background.