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clipping path
The Workmate for All Your Clipping Paths Need

Our Photoshop image editing experts draw 100% handmade clipping paths or deep etch and photo cut-outs using Photoshop Pen Tool to ensure the highest quality, whether you need clipping paths for simple to complex images or multi-clipping paths for color correction of a specific area. Our Photoshop handmade clipping path or deep etches services are very fast, and top quality at affordable prices.


You can create clipping paths for the image as well as a frame for the image to hide unwanted parts. The graphics frame presented the existing color of the layer on which it is located, and the clipping path is drawn in the opposite color of the layer.

If the layer color is like blue, the graphics frame is displayed in blue and the other side means clipping path in orange.

By keeping clipping path and separating graphics frame, you can modify the path as you like without affecting the graphics frame, using direct selection or other drawing tools from the toolbox.

Creating clipping path as pursues place already saved graphics with paths or alpha channels (masks) that can be used repeatedly in InDesign.

You can add paths by the alpha channels using programs like Adobe Photoshop. When you automatically create a clipping path from InDesign. An InDesign path is attached to the image.

The following image is trimmed by the path and tidy by the frame.

It’s a very accurate process for any kind of background selection and erasing background.

Working with a clipping path involves sufficient experience, a trained observing eye as well as absolute accuracy during the work that is why these image processing actions should always be carried out by professionals.

And we are here to help you. Also, the requirements for the reprieve of a subject diverge with each image processing.

Seeing as our professionals are used to quickly adapting an image to be processed, the work can be done with quick exactness by us.

We learn to focus on every type of image correction and photo enhancement process and may offer outstanding pictures to create your promotional campaign or website stand out.

Clipping Path can work extremely specifically which is the mathematical basis for vector graphics.

The basis for clipping path is balanced by various path tools that are presented by professional image processing programs such as Photoshop.

Weclipimage is providing 100% hand-made clipping path service for your images/photos. We don’t use any automatic software for selecting the object.

Weclipimage is my right hand for any kind of image editing …Jerry Raine
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The trimming path, as well as Clipping Path, is a frequently used option for freeing patterns in the digital image processing methods.

Clipping Path forms the English equivalent of the release which uses clipping path.

The release of patterns with clipping path offers the most exact way to separate an imaging element among the other options.

For that reason, clipping paths are almost vital for professional image processors.

After the image editor professional has untied an object with a clipping path. this object can be sited freely and without visible evolutions before new background.

This replacement may become compulsory if the original background is a troubling factor or simply a new that more harmonious background is preferred.

Use the border rummage around option on the Crop Path to create a truncation path for a graph that is kept without such a path.


For example, objects created with clipping paths can be inserted into increasingly new contexts that give the recipient a re-gratitude value though at the same time underlining the most different meaning.

Weclipimage is one class image editing service provider. Every business has a web existence and desires major quality pictures to plug and advertise their product and services to make them known among customers.

You will aim services of skilled and professional image editing companies like Weclipimage to create your images to look their best by processing pictures or images for color, background, density, size, and more.

So, the necessity of major quality pictures for their website or print images makes it necessary to put in superior image editing services, because it will play a very vital role in making their business successful.

If anyone wants to sell their online product, they need to make their product images good & nice. Without image editing, you can’t make it perfect & professional.

Clipping path
Clipping path

We have an extremely skilled Photoshop expert team who are professionals in Photoshop graphic design service. This gives us the capability to provide all kinds of image editing services all over the globe. As a reputable Photoshop photo editing service provider, it is working 24/7/365 meaning at any time, all year round also on Sunday and Christmas. Therefore, we ensure the best of services anywhere and every time.



As a liable trade, our aim is very simple; your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Provide us your photos with your requirements and our experts will get to work proximately to have the images ready for your use as soon as possible. You can rest assured that once you provide the images to us, your images will be safe, secured, and ready precisely according to your necessities.

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No need to submit or upload your full order? Upload three sample images and we’ll edit them for free. Once you will like our work quality and quote, you may upload your full order to us. We can make you happy with our service, work quality, and price. We have a two-step quality checking system to make a job error-free:

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