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Why do you need to remove the background?
Hand made clipping path service provider company
Remove the background perfectly

Image Background Removal Service is a very popular technic for the photo editing sector. When a photographer takes a photo from his/her studio there is some unexpected object that stays around the product. If anyone wants to remove the unwanted object from the main product & image, you need need to remove the background completely. And, for remove, the background Clipping Paths is a very common & main interface in Photoshop. Clipping paths make the edge of the shape very good & perfect.

  • Clipping path makes by Photoshop pen tool.
  • Erase masking, Alpha masking, and channel masking are also perfect for background removal.
  • Clipping path, Background removal, Knock-outs, cut-outs, etching, silhouettes, etc.
  • Shadowing, drop shadow, keep the natural shadow, make a natural shadow.
make your image good
Remove the background and keep or add shadow, reflection, and drop shadows will increase your product’s appeal.

Online businesses and online sellers need a good photo to show their products. A customer chose a product after seeing a review of the product photos by the supplier’s website & online store.  If the product is good looks & attractive, the client/buyer is happy to order the product.

sell your products successfully

In the whole world, everyone wants to relax and most people don’t want to go to market due to this Covid 19 situation. Most people are happy to buy their required product by the online webshop. And, if you want to make your product photo good, you have to make the & change the background for your website.

Photoshoot your product in the studio. 
Work on-camera raw image by Photoshop. 
Background change & upload it to the web.
why clipping ?

ou can create clipping paths for the image as well as a frame for the image to hide unwanted parts. The graphics frame presented the existing color of the layer on which it is located, and the clipping path is drawn in the opposite color of the layer. If the layer color is like blue, the graphics frame is displayed in blue and the other side means clipping path in orange.

By keeping clipping path and separating graphics frame, you can modify the path as you like without affecting the graphics frame, using direct selection or other drawing tools from the toolbox. Creating clipping path as pursues place already saved graphics with paths or alpha channels (masks) that can be used repeatedly in InDesign.

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